Kendall Jenner and Santa Get Naughty

On The 8th day of christmas LOVE magazine gave to me…Kendall Jenner in underwear.

Did you see it! Did you!

Well Love Magazine is doing an advent calendar on its website, and todays gift was Kendall Jenner dancing around in underwear and getting spanked by Santa.

Here I’ll let you watch the video to get up to speed:

Yay! Best present ever right?!

here are some photos if it was too fast for you:

Kendall Jenner Love mag


Kendall Jenner Love Mag

Kendall Jenner Love Mag

Kendall Jenner Love mag


Yep so Santa and Kendall got naughty!

I must say, Kendall looks really good! Her body is great! She looks flawless. She looks older than 19!! its crazy to think that she is only 19!!!!!

Kendall was wearing a Phillip Plein bra and was styled by¬†Anthony Unwin. I think Anthony Unwin knows what he is doing…

Well I hope you enjoyed this christmas gift via LOVE Magazine. You can watch more on their site featuring other models!