Accessory of The Day: Burberry Watch

It is time for the ‘Accessory of The Day’

Well the accessory of the day was a bit unexpected. I happened to stop by the Denver Art Museum with my mom to go see the Cartier exhibit. What a wonderful display of jewels that was! I recommend that anyone who lives in Denver to go see this collection of the worlds finest jewels. Okay now on to the watch.
From there, we went to the mall. I guess we were in jewelry mode and decided to look at some in Nordstrom. My mom was looking for herself, but ushered me over to look at a Burberry watch. Then the rest is history.
I am so glad she bought this for me! The reason for this big expenditure today was that I have been doing very well in school. I made the deans list, and made it into the fashion program at CSU. So, she saw it fit that I get something nice for my hard work (boy did that pay off!).

Alright enough of that! Im sure you all are just dying to see it. Well here you go:




I just love the white face, the silver, and the brown strap. It looks sophisticated and proper! It was only fitting that it get this one. This watch is my personality. If you think about it, watches are a major expression of someones personality. Say if the person is wearing more of an athletic watch, you could assume they are active. If the person is wearing a Rolex, you could assume they are well off, or have a higher social status. Sorry, mini thought! Anyways, back to my watch. This is the perfect watch for dressing up or dressing down, and is an ideal medium.

If you would like to purchase this watch, you can do so here: Burberry Watch

There you have it, my amazing new watch! I hope you enjoyed this accessory of the day. Leave a comment below to tell me what you thought, and suggestions of other posts you want to see!

Have a good day or night where ever you may be.