Apple Watch: Would you get one?

It Has Officially Hit The Market: The Apple Watch!

Apple recently unveiled three new commercials for the apple watch, titled “Up”, “Us”, and “Rise”. Here, take a look:

So I was bound to ask this question eventually, “Would you get an Apple Watch?”. With the rise of wearable tech in the fashion industry, it is an important question to ask. I mean these watches are almost like regular watches price wise! It is interesting to see when an Apple Watch price can be at the same level as a Cartier watch. However, Apple can do more than just tell time. Sorry Cartier, I still love you. I am just stating a fact.

Apple Watches are huge right now! The fashion industry is going crazy for them. For example, In the past few days, Maxfield in L.A. and Colette in Paris (both the best places for fashion) started carrying the Apple Watch. Fashionistas alike were lined up along Melrose Ave. and Rue Saint-Honoré hoping to get their hands on one of those fashion forward watches.

Here is the ad on Maxfield L.A.’s site:

Apple Watch

When I think about it, I was surprised that both stores would carry the watch. Never in a million years would I think that would happen. I though Apple would just sell the watch. However, it does make sense, I mean its is a watch (aka accessory), not a computer. I just find it cool that they are so tech savvy!

Personally, I would love to wear one. I love getting on trends (duh! fashion is the center of trends) and keeping up with the ones around me. Okay yes when the likes of Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Beyoncé have one, you kind of want one too. However, all the celebrity/trend aside, I do love the technology that is in the watch itself. It is like a mini phone/life tracker. They just seem very cool to me, and I’m sure they are just the beginning of more wearable tech to happen. Two things though. One, when some calls me I don’t want to have people hear my conversation. How do talk, but not have people listen?. Two, does it need to be charged like a phone? I feel like these two things were never really explained. Now I’m curious, I will check into it my friends and get back to you.

Wearable tech has come so far in the past few years! I mean look at FitBit, Google Glass, and I am pretty sure Samsung started the watch thing first (just saying). It will be interesting to see where we go next!

So what do you think? Would you get one? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe!