April Snow!

April Snow // Fall/Winter Outfit

April Snow

This officially marks the last week of school before finals. I’ve been busy working on final projects and what not, but I have one left and I couldn’t be happier. Well, scratch that, as I am happier that I can squeeze in a quick post for y’all.

This past week was nice but started to get a bit chilly right before the weekend hit. Sure enough, it ended up snowing Friday into Saturday. I couldn’t believe that I had to break out the fall/winter clothes for a brief storm. However, me being the person that I am had to make it a whole look, just for a quick weather change.

April Snow

If you happen to find yourself in a freak spring storm, I have got you covered. For this outfit, I paired this red buffalo check shirt with black skinny jeans, and those Free People boots I bought back in the fall.

Denver Style Blog

I am constantly on a mission to bring out old pieces of clothing I’ve stopped wearing to see if I can make them work again, because who wants to keep buying endless amounts of clothing and end up not wear it? This was the case for my red shirt. I have had this shirt since high school (insert preppy phase) but then stopped wearing it as I started to accumulate more stuff. I wanted to bring it back out and this freak storm was the perfect moment to do so.

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It is not bad to buy new items, it is just important to make sure that you can re-wear them to get the most of each item. Sometimes you might have to take a pair of scissors to old clothes to give them a new look. I just did this with a pair of jeans, now I can’t stop wearing them!!

April Snow

I hope you all enjoyed this look! Here’s to the end of school and more amazing summer blog posts. I have got some great post planned for you all.

Thanks to Ashley for the photos!



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