Aveda Holiday

Aveda Chakra Sprays

I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully you didn’t get too full 🙂

Today, I wanted to share some fun Aveda products with you this holiday season.

Aveda recently sent me some amazing chakra body mists, that are a perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. These limited edition travel-sized body mists are the best/unique gift I have gotten. I have found them extremely healing.

Aveda Chakra Set

I have never used a chakra mist before, however I had heard from friends that they are amazing if you are stressed or just need balance in your life.

These body mists are based on the seven chakra, or, energy center in the body. Chakra comes from the sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” These chakras wheels are located along the spine, spanning from the crown of the head, down to the tailbone. Each of the seven mists has a word and color that coordinates with the type of healing it provides.

Different days call for different types of healing, so to help with this, Aveda has provided a sensory journey that aides in finding the best remedy for you.

Aveda Body Mists

This little package is packed with the best journey to explore and help you dive into your inner self. These are not only helpful for healing, but provide great balance when used in yoga or meditation.

Above I have listed the travel mists, as well as individual body mists.

Body Mists

P.S. The paper surrounding the Aveda holiday packages are hand dyed by Nepali people in Himalayan forest communities. By buying this paper, Aveda has helped these families and preserve their land. A gift for you all the while helping others 🙂 Thats a great feeling for sure!

I hope you have fun picking out some incredible gifts this holiday season!



This post has been sponsored by Aveda