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I am currently on a trip up in Beaver Creek, CO. (post to come soon). Let me just start out by saying that the fashion in the mountains is on point!

Today a lady walked pass me, dressed to the nines in a head to toe Chanel ensemble. The way this woman walked, made the clothes seem as if they never left the runway at The Grand Palais in Paris. This woman was the true meaning of sophistication and style.

The stores here are amazing! Expensive, but amazing!
I happened to pass a store in Vail (not very far form Beaver Creek) called Axel’s, that had great designer pieces you just can’t find anywhere else. Axel’s had a huge selection of these leather bags from Millan that are one-off.
One of these bags was a messenger bag (hint…hint…College) that was of dark brown and just reeked of that enchanting Italian leather smell. I may be getting this bag in the near future so stay tuned…

Yes so that bag from Milan was great, but the bag I’m talking about in the title happens to be the Tom Ford “Natalia”.

Designer Bag
Bag available via Neiman Marcus
Click the link under the picture to find more bags from Neiman Marcus.
Anyone who knows Tom Ford, can easily recognize his bags. For those who don’t quite know who makes it, they still become eager to find out who does. This bag happened to float past me in the hallway of my hotel. I knew it was “Natalia” because of that standout lock that sits right on the face of the bag.
This bag (so I think) is the best looking bag on the market right now! It is such a signature piece for Tom Ford and would look great on anyone! The lock is really what makes the bag so unique and standout from every other bag.
Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on bags!
Tell me what bags you think are great in the comment section below.
P.S. Stay tuned for my post about Beaver Creek!
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