Best Outfits from ‘Blank Space’

Taylor Looks Fantastic In Every Scene!

If you have not yet seen the Blank Space from Taylor Swift yet, please do so now! We can’t talk until you do.

Okay now that you have seen it, we can discuss.

First of all, Joseph Khan is an incredible director! He made Taylor look beautiful and crazy at the same time. This video is so enchanting. The setting was absolutely perfect for this video. Taylor and Sean (you know, the model) were a perfect paring!

Good job Kahn!

Now lets get into the real reason of why you are here: THE FASHION!

I watched the whole thing and she had about 22 different outfits. From these, I decided to narrow it down to my favorites. They are the top six.

I could not narrow it down to five, it was too hard!!

Lets start with number 6.

“Casual dinner with the boyfriend (P.S. I’m crazy)” look.

Taylor Swift Blank Space

Number 5

“A Sunday ride with crazy” look

Taylor Swift Blank Space


Number 4

“Dancing with the cray Tay” look.

Taylor Swift Blank Space


Number 3

“My dogs will kill you” look.

Taylor Swift Blank Space


Number 2

“I will wear this to your funeral” look.

Taylor Swift Blank Space


Number 1

“You better get out! IM COMING AFTER YOU!” look.

Taylor Swift Blank Space


All photos via Buzzfeed

Yep she is crazy! However, she makes crazy look so beautiful!

The outfits were picked to perfection and bring the whole video together. Also the red lips in every scene work with all the outfits. I guess you can never go wrong with a red lipstick.

Here, I’ll go ahead and leave a link to some red lipstick for all you ladies: M-A-C Lipstick

Also I’m really digging the cape that Sean wore in the dog walking scene. I know that capes are a thing for women right now this season, but can the men get in on this trend too? Please!

Well props to this video Taylor! It was great!

Hope you all enjoyed this!







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