Bookworm in the city

Friday has finally arrived, and with it, the end of finals week. Though, I already finished my finals yesterday. That being said, I promised you all a new post, so here it is.

Books, books, and more books. That is how I felt when Paige and I ventured into the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver. I don’t think we had planned to shoot there, however, my outfit ended up working with the surroundings.


I, in essence, appeared studious with my glasses, striped sweater, and sneakers. So this bookworm sure fit the part.

It is always fun when you don’t plan certain things, and they end up being your absolute favorite. This was the case for this outfit and shoot. This look was perfect for street style shots, but who knew it would work even better in the bookstore?

Gap mens striped sweater


I hadn’t worn these shoes in a while so I thought I would bring them back again.

The centerpiece of this outfit would have to be the sweater. I had seen this sweater right when it hit Gap stores, and I knew I had to have it. The placement of the colors is what I find so unique.

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Shop the look:

I hope you all enjoyed the post! Have a great weekend.



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