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Charming Charleston // My Charleston Getaway

Pink Hotel Charleston

Why Charleston, South Carolina you might ask? Well, every year my mother, sister, and I try to decide on a place to go while my father plays in an annual golf tournament. Typically we favor the west coast (Pheonix, San Francisco, Disneyland) however this year we wanted to go east.

Charleston Streets

We have posited the idea of Charleston for quite some time, and this was the year to do it. I would say my mom and I both fell in love with Charleston when the lovely Julia Hengel (blogger extraordinaire) moved from San Francisco to Charleston in 2015. Since her move, she has captured a beauty of Charleston one could only dream of.

So that was it! We booked it, and we were off.

Charleston Church

Once we had arrived, we were met with rain and an overcast sky, but that was okay as we quickly learned that though it can rain on the drop of a dime, it will eventually break. Though it was gloomy, I saw past this on the way to the hotel and took note of the different styles of architecture that make up South Carolina’s oldest city.

Charleston has been noted of preserving its history, and I learned that if you want to make a change to your house (even just paint or a new light fixture), one must first talk to the Preservation Society of Charleston. They are the people who keep the charm of Charleston alive!

Charleston OOTD

Since this city is very humid, it important to wear light comfortable clothing. I opted for these shorts all from Old Navy, tee shirts, and these awesome linen shirts from Banana Republic.

Savannah Georgia Outfit

Charleston OOTD

Though this sounds like a pain in the ass, to be honest, it is also incredible at the same time. I love how this city cares about its history! Unlike Denver, where you see about 30 cranes in the sky always rebuilding. Please stop moving here…just kidding.

That aside, the colors of the houses and buildings are what attracted me the most. I knew I could get some great shots of these quaint little structures.

Also, I found myself thinking of certain outfits to wear in front of the multitude of lacquered doors and pastel facades.

Charleston Getaway

Charleston Journey

Let me just say, the food there is incredible and nothing disappointed me. The best restaurant overall (for me) was Amen Street. Here you are met with the freshest fish the city has to offer. The restaurant does not have a refrigerator, so they are forced to be fresh!

Honestly, we didn’t have any set plans in the city and just took the day by the horns and did what we wanted to do. One of my favorite moments was going to the beach on Sullivan’s island. Walking down the boardwalk past the most lovely beachfront properties was like something out of a Nancy Meyers film!


Charleston Getaway

Sullivan's Island

We also took a day trip to Savannah, Georgia as it is only about 2 hours away from Charleston. The most incredible thing about this city was the greenery and its square gardens that are spread out all over the metro area.

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia

These cities are a must visit, especially if you don’t know where to go and want to travel on a whim also, everyone is so sweet, kind, and helpful. I recommend staying at The Mills House; it is so cute with its pink exterior and cozy rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any more questions on the city, leave them in the comment section below.



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  • Cecilia Smith says:

    A beautiful place where I spent half my life and all my college years. You did a beautiful job describing many of the awesome locations. You just scratched the surface so you must do a return trip in your future. I’ll help be your guide next time. HAHA

    • Jack says:

      Oh, how I envy you! It is so beautiful there! Yes, I am sure there is so much more to discover in this charming city!

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