Coachella Day 2 with Express

Coachella with Express

I hope you saw my Coachella day one post!

Well as stated in the last post, I wanted you to stay tuned for Coachella day 2. This day was a bit more than just the festival. As some of you may already know, I partnered up with Express for my trip to Coachella. Express has come out with some great summer essentials that are sure to make you look great. For this trip they let me choose the items that I wanted to incorporate into my festival look.

Express Coachella Outfit

For this day 2 look, I wanted something clean and simple, as I had great accessories that put the whole outfit together. I chose the Express Fitted Short Sleeve 1MX shirt in white, and paired that with the 10″ Linen-cotton Flat Front Shorts in the khaki color.

Express Fitted 1mx Dress Shirt

Express Linen Shorts

I really love how well the shirt and shorts fit! Also I was super happy to find out that Express has shorts available in size 28. It is so hard to find great fitting pants and shorts as many places don’t carry size 28. I guess you could say that I will be buying a good majority of my pants from Express now :).

Coachella with Express

Shirt: Express Fitted Dress Shirt 1MX // Shorts: Express 10″ Linen flat front

How great is that wall behind me?!

Coachella With Express

Coachella with Express

Day 2 was great! I saw some amazing performances. Favorites of the the day had to be Halsey, Churches, Disclosure, the greats of Ice Cube (NWA), and last but not least Guns N’ Roses. However, Guns N’ Roses could have done without the 2+ hour set. Like I get it, you are greats and all, but 2+ hours! It is a little excessive.

Halsey Coachella

The amazing set from Halsey

Thanks again to Express for the great outfit! Till next year 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay tuned for Coachella day 3…



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