Coachella Day One


Well I officially accomplished my goal of attending Coachella! I was so excited that I finally had the opportunity to go, as every year prior I was left seeing pictures going “ugh I wish I was there.” However this was the year and it was incredible.

I attened weekend two with my friends and we all had a great time. Some may find these pictures glamorous (which they are), however there are some behind the scenes that are not as glam, but make for some great/hilarious stories.

Car Checkpoint

This picture was from Coachella day one when we were getting our car searched before actually entering the camping site. I was a long wait, but once we were in it was so exciting!

Coachella Outfit

I bought this hat on whim the day I left for this trip, and I am in love with it! It is from H&M and protected my head for all the hot days that would follow. Let me tell you, it was very hot during the middle of the day. The moment when the heat was the worst was in the Sahara tent. I was literally dripping in sweat. YUCK! However, I never took off my hat which probably would have been a good idea.  I actually almost lost this hat at the Matt and Kim show when people were crowdsurfing, pushing, and jumping.

Coachella Artwork

Coachella Outfit

Probably the coolest shot of me on this trip (debatable). A friend of a friend Natilie took this picture and nailed it! Thanks Natilie :). I felt so chic in this picture.

Hat: H&M // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Shirt: Target // Shorts: Saks (similar here) // Shoes: Rivieras // Bracelet (borrowed from Sarah :)) // Bracelet #2: Pamela Love // Bandana: Target

I hope you enjoyed this post! Days 2 & 3 coming soon…

Have a great week!



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