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Dapper Menswear // Summer Wedding Outfit

Happy Monday Y’all!

This post is for all the gents out there who want a dapper menswear look on a budget. Let’s be honest; menswear can get expensive AF.

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This is an outfit I wore to a wedding I attended back in June in Palisade, Colorado. If you missed my Instagram of it, that’s okay as we will be talking about it in a little more depth today.

When I got the invite to the wedding, my first thought was, what the heck am I even going to wear? I love suits and all, but they get so hot! Speaking of hot, Palisade during June is incredibly warm, so I wanted to be classy but still comfortable.

Dressing for a wedding, you want to have an outfit that you can adjust throughout the event. When the wedding starts you want to be tucked in and polished, then by the end you want to be able to untuck, roll up your sleeves a little and dance while still looking put together.

I decided that I would piece this outfit together from some sale finds.

Dapper Menswear

First stop was Banana Republic. I had seen this linen shirt a few days before me buying it. I was glad I went back when I did, as it was now on sale! It was a no-brainer.

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Next, I wanted to find a pair of light blue pants as it would pair well with the shirt and emulate summer. I tried looking around Banana, but couldn’t find a size 28. I then ventured off to Banana’s sister store GAP. Sure enough, I found just what I was in search for, and they were a 28″ waist!!

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Dapper Menswear

That is what you have to look out for when shopping. Many want to stay in one store, but the reality is that sometimes you have to venture off and pair pieces together. Trust your gut and know what looks good on you, then you are sure to stand out.

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Lastly, I had these black Grenson wing tips in my closet that I hadn’t worn in so long, I wanted to break them out again. People get concerned of pairing black and blue together. However, I believe that if done correctly you can match the two together.

Dapper Menswear

There you have it, a relaxed summer wedding look that is cost effective. I always suggest going out and scoping pieces, then come back later to see if they have gone down in price. This is incredibly true when talking about Gap or Banana Republic as both stores have sales weekly, so it’s important to check back.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week ahead.