Denim and Stripes

Denim and Stripes

Happy Monday!!

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I hope you are all off to a great start this morning. I had a bit of a struggle getting out of bed, but I am up and ready to go! For this week’s post, I thought you all needed to know about this perfect Summer look.

Denim and stripes

About a week ago, I was wandering around the mall in search for the perfect summer pieces and sure enough, I landed in J.Crew (shocking) to end up finding this blue and red stripe shirt. I immediately thought of an outfit…denim and stripes! Then I started thinking of all the other outfits this simple tee would go with. I will probably end up wearing this shirt on the 4th of July.

This outfit is great to wear on the go! It is easy and has the perfect French chic flair. I mean who doesn’t love being French for the day?


Here, I paired the outfit with boots and denim, but this is an outfit that you add or subtract to. If you wanted to throw on a pair of sneakers, add a denim jacket or shorts, it would still look amazing. As you all already know, I love the idea of versatility and this is the outfit to do that with.

Denver Blogger

Denver Fashion Blog

Along with this purchase, I also bought another striped shirt (I’m sensing a theme here). I am currently working on a post with that shirt too, so stay tuned.

I hope you all enjoyed this look! Go out and enjoy the week ahead.



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