Designer Profile: Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren Is My New Favorite

I have recently stumbled across designer Greg Lauren. I can officially tell you that I am OBSESSED with his clothes. Not only is he a designer, but an artist (for DC Comics might I ADD!) and an actor (he was in Boogie Nights). Also he has a fragrance currently at Barneys New York (you can purchase here). You could say he is one multi-talened guy! Aside from the other traits he possesses, his design work is incredible!

Here take a look at the art!



You may have been wondering: “Lauren…Is he related to Ralph?”. Why yes! Yes he is! Greg happens to be Ralph’s nephew. However, unlike Ralph, Greg Lauren’s designs are more inspired and are fresh! I feel that his collections are just so poetic! When watching some of his shows, I felt that the clothes almost became suitable for both sexes and that they could be mixed and matched with one another.

In his fall/winter 2015 collection, I felt the western esthetic that Ralph so effortlessly creates, but in Greg’s show, it felt more of a rough around the edges western (a grunge western) with hints of military. It was as if the person had a story of their long and rough days in the desert.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the show:

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Photos Via Vogue UK

This was quite a show. This is possibly on my list all-time favorites, which is usually very hard for me to decide on! I usually judge a show in uniqueness and quality. This was a show that hit both of those marks.

I am in desperate need of a coat and some of his pants. Actually, I am in need of all his clothes!!!! If you would like to purchase his clothing, Barneys is your best bet! Make sure you have deep pockets, because his clothes are more on the expensive side. However, you are paying for quality and I am sure that is something this line encompasses.

I hope you enjoyed this Designer Profile! Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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