Dior So Real Sunglasses

They may be pricy, but they seem to be worth it!

If you’re up to speed on your current fashion trends, you probably know about the ever so coveted Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses. In a matter of only a few months they’ve become a major staple. They’re everywhere. I feel as if every time I open Instsagram there’s another post from someone praising them.

Song of Style Dior So Real

via Song of Style

         I feel these became popular not only due to the big celebrity push, which I’m sure helped, but also because of their classic pantos shape. The term “pantos” comes from the word “pantoscopic,” which means seeing everything. It seems as if you can never go wrong with a pantos silhouette, as it’s universally flattering! Dior not only kept the shape classic, but added unique elements of deconstructed nose bridges, mirrored lenses, and architectural lines.

Kayture Dior So Real

Kristina Bazan

Swizz Beats Dior So Real

Swizz Beats

It’s also important to note that these glasses are unisex; this seems to be a major contribution to their growing popularity. I love that fashion has begun to embrace unisex clothing and accessories. There are growing numbers of articles showcasing looks on women that I believe would look just as fashionable on men as well – within reason of course. So far I have successfully managed to fit my feet into women’s Céline loafers. That’s a start, but with the addition of Dior’s So Real glasses to the growing unisex industry, it’s easy for men to simply slip on a pair of sunglasses without having to go up a few sizes 😉 unlike my shoes!


Chiara Ferragni

Dior So Real

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If you would like to purchase the Dior So Real, you can do so here

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