Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day! Just Order These and say they are in the mail!

Alright, I get it! We are all busy, but that is no excuse to forget Mother’s Day! She birthed you! The least you can do is get her a present to give her a big thank you! As The Coveteur put it “How is mom supossed to know how much you love her if you don’t buy her some next level swag?”. Here are my top 5 gifts that mom may (A.K.A. NEED) in her life.

1. BYREDO Black Saffron (My mom has it and loves it! So now you need to get it if Carmela loves it!)

Byredo Black Saffron

2. Building Block Bucket Bag (Bucket bags are very in right now!)

Building block bag

3. Topshop “Mom Jeans” (haha! every mom needs at least one pair!)

Mom Jeans

4. Topshop “Tassel Smock Dress”

Topshop Dress

5. Isabel Marant “Lelie Ankle-Wrap Sandals” (Yes they are expensive, but mom deserves them!)

Isabel Marant shoe

So there you have it, the best mothers day presents ever. Now while you are at brunch drinking mimosas with mom and she asks “what did you get me sweetheart?”…

Say “The best gift ever, but it is in the mail. It did not get here in time. Sorry mom. “, or you could just show her The Savoie Daily and say “THIS” or “THESE”. I am sure she would approve.

But above all else, get some flowers first, then sweeten it up with the gifts.

Happy Mother’s day!



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