Europe Trip Mini Haul!

First things first, I am sorry for my absence this past week, but we are back on now!!
Ireland and Scotland were super fun and kept me super busy! In total: I took 6 planes and drove on the other side of the road!!, visited two castles, went on tours, played 3 rounds of golf, stayed in five hotels and most importantly…I went shopping! If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland or Scotland, you will absolutely love it!!
My dad and I on The Swilcan Bridge at the St Andews golf course.
Now on to my little shopping trip!
While I was in Dublin, I stopped by a great department store called Brown Thomas. This store is like Neiman Marcus on Steroids! It is just so beautiful and so are the people that work there. I think it must be like a prerequisite to be beautiful in order to work there. Also the way they display the items! ahhh! Just so beautiful! Sadly, however, I did not buy anything in there 🙁 Im sorry friends.
On the other hand, I did pick up a couple items at a store called AllSaints!
This store is super cool. Lots of dark colors, but perfect for basics!! Also they have some edgy items that you may think you can’t pull off, but when you try them on…you will be walking straight to the cash register. This is what happened in my case.
(i would take pictures of the actual items, however, they are still at the dry cleaners)
I bought this black knit sweater:
I also bought this shirt:
Now both of these pieces together are absolutely perfect!!
(pictures of me in them coming soon)
Yep! That is it! That is all I bought! I know, not much, but enough for me 🙂
Go visit AllSaints and Brown Thomas. I am sure you will find something you like!
Stay tuned for my CFDA fashion review
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