My New Fall OOTD! Also A Look At The New Vogue Magazine Issue!

Long time no see. I am sorry.

Anyways! School has been fantastic. I was busy with my portfolio for my design program (I will post about it on Monday). This portfolio is super important. It will basically decide my future in this fashion program. The portfolio was stressing me out so much that I apparently forgot how to walk down the stairs. I ended up tumbling down a flight, but got up and brushed it off (I know I’m crazy! I can never keep calm!). I know that my portfolio is the one to beat!

Anyways, enough of that.

Today I decied to do an OOTD for you all. This OOTD takes place in the new LSC building of Colorado State University.

I am super happy with one item in particular from this OOTD. You will figure that out as you continue to read.

Jack Blog

Jack Blog

Jack Blog

These are my new Saint Laurent boots! They are extremely comfortable! I have now decided that everyone needs at least one good pair of Saint Laurent boots.

Get your pair at ysl.com

I have also picked out a selection for both men and women from Saint Laurent. Click the links below. I hope you find them as lovely as I do!

Ladies: Chelsea Wyatt Boot

Gentlemen: Classic Wyatt Boot

Jack Blog

I could not stand letting the perfect black lacquered soles get scuffed up, but its inevitable when you wear shoes!!

Jack Blog


Jack Blog

Jack Blog

Go pick up the new issue of Vogue on newsstands today and get some new fall inspiration for your wardrobe or some Holliday gift ideas!

My outfit:

~ Jeans: J.CREW / ~Shirt: J.CREW / ~Sweater: J.CREW / ~Bag: Ralph Lauren (similar, but not exact) / ~Boots: Saint Laurent / ~Glasses: Oliver Peoples

Hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day! I hope you all are doing well and are keeping up on your shopping!