First Aid Beauty “FAB”

Start Feeling “FAB”

We need to have a conversation about skin care.

Skin is so important! I can’t stress it enough. I used to be one who wash my skin when I felt like it. This is nasty habit. However, I’m sure many men are the same way. Think about it, what guy really washes their face, especially ones with beards…GROSS. Now not to say all men don’t wash their face, but I know there are some that definitely don’t.

Now I am extremely regimented and I cannot go a day without washing my face. I am a morning and night washer. Washing your face in the morning isn’t a dire need, but it can be nice as your pillow can contain some nasties. Nighttime, however, is essential as you have gone throughout the whole day with dirt and oils clogging up your pores. It is a great feeling knowing you are going to bed with clean skin.

Months back, took a trip to Sephora (yes men, you are allowed in Sephora) and wanted to find a good cleanser as my skin felt so gross. They told me that the best cleanser was the “First Aid Beauty” Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay (long name, I know). Let me tell you, best decision I have ever made. This stuff clears my skin so nicely, however we are all human and will get pimples no matter what, even if you wash your face. Teens are especially prone to this because hormones are rampant and blemishes will appear no matter what.

First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty isn’t the only brand I use in my regime. After I wash my face, I love using the Ole Henriksen moisturizer. It is oil free and is the perfect “night cap” :).

I know skin care can be extremely difficult to figure out, also talk about expensive. However, once you find the right one, you will know. Some of you may find my method the best for you too, but you may not and that is okay. Just start experimenting and don’t fret over the little pimples. It is all going to be okay.



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