Five Best Looks From Chanel Cruise Dubai

Chanel always has a great location for their settings of the cruise collections. Last year I remember the one at Versailles and it was wonderful. This year I though there was no possible way that it could top the year prior, but it did. Chanel took the cruise collection to one of my favorite places in the world…
Chanel went all out for this show! They constructed a building for the show, on “The Island”, as they were calling it. Now Chanel loves detail and some way some how they are always incorporating the “CC” logo in somewhere. This year they carved the double C’s into wood panels on the walls. At first the wall looked as if it had a regular design, but then the more you looked at it, the double C’s were everywhere!
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The only way people could get to this “Island” was by boat. Of course Chanel had to make it even more cool and shuttle people to the venue by these amazing boats.
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There was so much authenticity in this years production of the collection, and the ambiance of the whole show really added to the clothes. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.
Chanel has some amazing looks to the collection this year, It was hard to choose just five, but I did it. I also encourage you to view all the looks at to discover your favorite looks too!
1. The first look from the show:
What really pulls this look together is the pants! I mean look at them, they are beautiful! And they are gold!! Also if you notice, in the shoes, there are little lights! So I guess if you are in the dark, Chanel has got you covered with a flashlight.
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2. My second favorite look:
The beaded jacket and the puffy pants, really add some femininity to this look, with their light colors and intricate details. The hair also give the femininity of the look some edge, with its voluminous curls!
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3. My third favorite look:
I can already tell that this dress will be seen on some red carpets and in some magazines very soon. Look at the detail in that dress! It makes it seem even more magical at the thought of how many hours it took to sew on those shiny gold discs! Now the jacket. It is a classic Chanel, with a twist. This jacket actually has a bit of a train to it, with a gold fabric lining inside!
This look is absolutely beautiful!
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4. My fourth favorite look:
I am just really loving all of the gold in the collection! Especially with these pants. They make the outfit standout! This jacket is very cool. Look at the way the tweed has been woven! It almost makes it look like an intricate woven tapestry.
The little Moon tiara is going to be seen in some magazines and on some celebrities sometime soon. I  just know it.
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5. My fifth and final look:
This Dress is absolutely beautiful! I watched the runway show, and the way that this outfit flows is phenomenal! Look at all those sequins! So beautiful! However, if you look at the sequins on the hem of the dress, you can see that it makes out the Dubai skyline. The big giveaway to this, was the tall Burj Khalifa (or Burj Dubai. The tallest tower in Dubai and the world) etched out in sequins on the left side of the dress (I think it is a dress, but it could also be considered a top).
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Once again, Chanel made a beautiful cruise collection!
I was very pleased with this collection and what it had to offer. I am dying to see it in the store to get a real good look at the pieces!
Well with one show, there comes another! The Louis Vuitton Cruise collection is on its way!
Stay tuned…
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