Freedom Feeling

I am proud to say that I have officially completed my junior year of college! It is amazing to see how fast the time has gone. I also can’t get over the fact that I am going to be a senior in the fall.
I am also happy to report that I finished this year with a 3.8 GPA. With 17 credits, work, and a blog I am pretty damn proud of myself.

So much was learned this semester, and my favorite class by far had to be draping design! For our final project, we did a “study in Chanel” which consisted of us constructing Chanel jackets and black tie evening wear to go along with said jackets. It was incredible to see everyone’s creativity grow with this project. Me being me, I decided to keep it simple and do a classic black jacket with a sheer evening gown.

Chanel Jacket

Evening Gown

I’m taking orders now. $1000 for the jacket. Ha. Just kidding. Well, maybe a little serious. 🙂

With all of my school work out of the way and this newfound summer freedom, I can focus on creating amazing content for all of you! I am working on fun newsletters, and planning new spring/summer shoots!

In light of that, I wanted to share this quick outfit with all of you!


For this look, I wanted to give it a casual spring feeling. To do so, I dug out these white pants from my closet that I haven’t worn in forever. Let’s be honest, white pants are amazing but can be scary to wear. I’m talking to you random ketchup stain. However, one must embrace the random stains and pair these pants with this amazing light blue CP Shades shirt. I am so fortunate to work at a store that allows me to wear the clothing we sell.

This is by far my favorite shirt we have in store this season. One, because it has stripes, and two because it screams effortless chic!

To top it all off (see what I did there) I wanted to wear my boat hat. I think this hat will be a summer staple for me, so be prepared to see a ton of images of me wearing it.


Enjoy the seasons to come, and thanks for sticking with me!

Have a great weekend!



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