Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung

Come See the Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung

If you have not already seen this new web series with Alexa Chung, then you MUST see this.

Alexa Chung

I came across “Future of Fashion” on YouTube, which features Alexa Chung in collaboration with British Vogue examining different aspects of the fashion industry. Showing us that fashion is not just one thing, but that there are many divisions which make up this vast business. From touring WGSN headquarters to interviewing the likes of Christopher Kane, Chung gives us something more to think about than just the clothes on the runway.
In her most recent episode “How Social Change Can Help the Fashion Progress”, Chung visits with Dior and I director, Frédéric Tcheng. Tcheng discusses how fashion is seen by people as superficial, but in reality “fashion is not disconnected from society. It is not just a surface and if you read it well then there is a lot in fashion”.

People do see this industry as superficial, but I guaranty after you watch this, you will be transformed to look not only at the fashion industry, but other industries in a deeper sense.

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