Giles & Brother: Railroad Spike Bracelet

Accessory of the day: Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Bracelet

I may be a little late to this “Arm Party” (credit The Man Repeller), but I recently picked up a Giles & Brother railroad spike bracelet! For quite some time, I have admired the Cartier Juste un Clou (just a nail) bracelet, however, $7,200 is a bit out of my price range (one day people! one day!!). So when I happened to come across the Giles & Brother railroad spike bracelet, I felt a bit more connected with the nail bracelet “in crowd”. Is there a nail bracelet “in crowd”? Who knows? For now I am going to think there is one and that is that!

The Giles & Brother seems to have a rustic feel as compared to the Cartier which looks more delicate and dainty. I really love the feel that this bracelet has to offer! Not sailing that I don’t want a Cartier Bracelet; I do! It is just that this seems to go more with my taste in clothing at the moment.

Okay, I know you want to see it now!

Giles and Brother Bracelet

Look at the little arrows! Ahhhh!

Giles and Brother Bracelet

I have a bit of an “Arm Soiree” (credit Man Repeller again!) going on! This is like an arm get together, not like a full “Arm Party”. My watch (the one from last week!) and bracelet go hand and hand. They are simple yet classy pieces that are very cohesive.

Giles and Brother Bracelet

Giles and Brother Bracelet

OHHH! Look that that shot! So artistic! hahah!

You can purchase the Giles & Brother Railroad Spike here

Though I may be late to this trend, I feel that my bracelet is very simple and is a classic. Giles & Brother has been making this same bracelet for many years. If it is good enough to keep making, it is good enough to keep wearing. Wow I really just surprised my self with that saying! Okay people Im coining that quote! MY QUOTE!!!

Anyways! I hope you all enjoyed this accessory of the day! Now go get the Giles and Brother railroad Spike bracelet today! its only $55!!! Also go checkout my watch from last week!

Have a good night!