Gisele Bundchen’s Chanel Commercial

Gisele Will Make Anyone Want To Buy A Bottle Of Chanel No. 5

I think you all remember the classic Nicole Kidman commercial that came out 10 years ago! Well Baz Lurhaman is back with a new Chanel perfume commercial staring the one and only Gisele Bundchen!

This new commercial is titled: “The One That I Want” and features the song performed by Lo-Fang. I recommend you download this song! You will enjoy listening to it. Its quite a somber take on the song compared to Grease.

Whether it be riding the waves on a Chanel surfboard and wet suit to doing a Chanel photo shoot (shot by Baz who makes a cameo) : Gisele is absolutely stunning in this new commercial. She embodies the essence of what the Chanel woman is today: A modern beauty.

lets take a look at “The One Thing I Want” : A Chanel Surfboard! Just kidding, I want GISELE!!!!


I told you! She was just perfect for this commercial and with the help of Baz, it was even better! Also it is pretty amazing that they cast Michiel Huisman from “Game of Thrones” as Gisele’s love interest. The two were a perfect pair.

Thank you Chanel, Baz, and Gisele for producing such another great film that will make anyone want to live a fantasy through a bottle of No. 5.

Hope you all enjoyed the commercial. Now go buy your loved one Chanel No.5 for the holiday season!!



P.S. I am super sorry for my absence! I was sick with the worst cold that I am still recovering from! Also school had required a lot of input from me, but now things have settled down and I am back to do what I do best.

So heres to more fashion news from “The One That You Want”!!