The Golden Globes: Part 2

Well did you watch the golden globes?!

So many great movies and t.v. shows! The Best Motion Picture, Drama went to Boyhood, Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama for The Theory of Everything, and Julianne Moore won Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama for Still Alice (I can’t wait to see this btw).

Now all that movie stuff aside, did you see the red carpet?! This years red carpet was okay. Yes there were some outstanding looks, but I just felt this years carpet was lacking in choice of dress, or maybe it was JLaw not being there. What ever the case may be, it was still not my favorite. Of course you will have some that make some fashion faux pas, but there were way too many offenders this year!! Im sure when the Fashion Police come back on this week, they will have a lot of arrests to make.

Fashion Faux Pas Golden Globes

Good fashion first or Bad fashion first?

Lets start with bad so then I can lift up the post with the best for last.

Starting with #5: Keira Knightley in a custom Chanel. I know that this look came from the new Chanel Metres d’Art collection (that I raved about), however instead of doing a custom job, she should have just went for a normal Chanel look instead of this butterfly print nightgown.

Keira Knightley Golden Globes Worst

#4: Kate Mara. Girl!! Take of that belt! If you took that thing off, you would be on my best dressed, however since you could not simply undo the belt, you are stuck here for fashion faux pas eternity (maybe a little harsh, but still).

Kate Mara Golden Globes Worst

#3: Rosamund Pike. You are so pretty and you chose this?! Im sure if anyone in Gone Girl saw you in this, they would not care if you were “gone”. You and your Vera Wang dress need to be “gone” from this red carpet.

Rosamund Pike Golden Globes Worst

#2: Tina Fey. You are my main girl, but this bubble fiasco needs to go! I am so glad you changed when you got inside! The look inside is a definite best, but this dress is a WORST! Sorry Tina! I still love you!

Tina Fey Golden Globes Worst

#1: Lena Dunham. Like Tina, you are also my “girl”, but this Zac Posen does not flatter you at all. I get where you were going, but I think there were some better choices than this. Also, we need to teach you how to stand! You look like you are about to take a poop. Sorry I know, very harsh, but it needs to be said! I will always love you no matter what fashion crime you make, but lets try to get you off the offender list for the next red carpet event.

golden globes lena dunham Worst

Yeah. Bad. I know. Sadly I could go on a lot further, but five is sufficient.

Moving on…


#5: Naomi Watts in Gucci. This look was simple but done correctly! The yellow works perfectly with her skin. This fits her exactly the way it should. Good job Naomi.

Naomi Watts Golden Globes Best

#4: Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead. Of course Diane Kruger looked outstanding. She always does. When she is on the red carpet, she dresses like royalty! This dress hits her in all the correct places and accentuates her magnificent body. Keep doing you Diane!

Diane Kruger Golden Globes Best

#3: Emma Stone in Lanvin. Emma what a cutie! Only she would wear the heck out of a jumpsuit. Alber Elbaz has never made Emma look wrong in anything he has put her in! I just love the big side sash. It really brings the feeling of glamour to the Golden Globe red carpet! Stay classy Stone.

Emma Stone Golden Globes Best

#2: Kate Hudson in Versace. WOW! I mean this is wonderful. Now she looks like a movie star. This dress provides the perfect amount of coverage, but shows off the best parts in the best way. Seriously! Look at her cleavage and waist! AMAZING! Keep it up Kate.

golden globes kate hudson best

#1: Julianne Moore in Givenchy Haute Couture. I am in love with this look. It may be because I am partial to Julianne Moore and Givenchy, but no mater what the case, she looks stunning. This is the perfect look for Moore. I just love how the silver catches the light and the ombré into a blue/black. I think Julianne stole the show and deserves all the limelight! Great job Julianne.

golden globes julianne moore best

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Well I feel better now that we did the worst first and saved the best for last. This carpet was okay, but I the stars could do a lot better at the Oscars in February.

I hope you all enjoyed the Golden Globes last night! Let me know what you thought of the show and post it in the comment section below.

Have a great Monday




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