Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday // Three Years Strong

Three years ago, I started a blog called The Savoie Daily. From this, I went through what I consider a style evolution.

In the origination of this blog, my style was, let’s say, appropriate for my age. Throughout the first year of blogging, I found what worked and what didn’t. For you original Savoie Daily fans, you might remember my need to post “daily”, which I quickly learned was next to impossible. Along with this, you might remember my lack of writing skill and photography.

It is funny to look back on those old articles and think “what the hell was I wearing, and what was I writing?” That in itself is true, but one must try to figure out what works best in order to succeed.

From this initial starting point, my style evolution was underway, all while documenting it on this personal platform. This blog isn’t just a fashion blog, it is a story. A story of my life and how I find myself year to year.

With every year comes new clothes, hairstyle, and glasses (lol). Along with this comes you guys…the readers. I have found an audience and you have listened. This blog would not be what it has grown into without you all.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me on this platform and keep pushing me to continue doing what I love. Happy Birthday to The Savoie Daily and cheers to the “style evolutions” that will take place in the next year.

Have a wonderful start to the weekend.



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  • Diane Matuszewski says:

    Congratulations Jack! I enjoy your blog so much and I wish you great success! You are well on your way…To wherever you choose to go (I can’t help picturing you in New York). Thank you for sharing your story and your journey; you are a very talented young man and a delight to know (just like your mom?)!

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