Hawaii Days

Palm Trees

Hi my fashion friends,

I wanted to share my Hawaii outfits with you! This was quite the vacation, one to remember for sure.

I have never been to Hawaii so this was a bit of an experience for me. like any resort area, you have the usual suspects, palm trees, oceans, sand, and etc. However the beauty that surround this island is what makes it truly distinct. OH! I forgot to mention that I was in Maui.

Anyways, Maui is a beautiful place. I love talking to locals, as you always get the full scoop on the place to which you are staying. Talking to one local, she said that Maui had the highest tourism last year and people just keep coming! Unfortunately, I did hear from many locals that the public school system is extremely bad and that most kids have to go to private schools to get a decent education. You would think with all the money they are making from tourists that it would go in to funding the school systems, but actually the money is going back to major US corporations that own the goods/services that we all enjoy in Hawaii. Ugh, that is just so disappointing! That was not a fun thing to hear as you think everything in Hawaii is beautiful, which many things are, but like any state they have their flaws too.

That aside, I am changing the subject and I’m going to share my outfits with you. I had many outfits on this trip, but these were the ones that I wanted to share.

Outfit one:

Banana Republic outfit

Shirt: Banana Republic // Shorts: Gap // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Outfit two:

Gap Palm Tree Shirt

Shirt: Gap (available at Gap Canada and in US stores) // Shorts: Express // Shoes: Birkenstock (not pictured)

Outfit three:

Hawaii Look

Lucky Brand Jeans

Wings and Horns Shirt

Top: Wings + Horns // Jeans: Lucky Brand // Shoes: Birkenstock // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Outfit four:

Hawaii Look

Sailor Look

Top: Save Khaki // Shorts: Gap // Shoes: Adidas & Birkinstock// Bag: Coach // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I hope you enjoyed those looks! I know I did 🙂

Stay tuned for my other photos of Hawaii tomorrow! Also sorry for posting this so late today, I updated my laptop and it took like 5 hours…

Anyways, have a great week.



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