Hawaii Part 2

Hawaii is Beautiful!

As you know already (if not GO HERE NOW!), I ventured to Hawaii for my first time and it was a blast!

We spent this vacation at the Westin in Maui which is such a wonderful and esthetically pleasing hotel. The architecture of this resort is what got me. The staff at the Westin was wonderful. I would definitely recommend this hotel to any of you traveling here in the near future. #yelpreview

Westin Maui

Along with the beauty of this hotel, I also wanted to share some stunning photos of the grounds around the hotel and other places in Maui.

Westin Maui

These little guys were right in the middle of our hotel lobby! Needless to say I have a bunch more of them on my phone.



This is not of our hotel, it is actually of the Hyatt. I used this background for my outfit four look in the last post.

Ray Ban Round

So glad to have these shades for the summer! Ray Ban makes great sunglasses. To purchase, use this link.

Sunset Maui Food Time!

Palm Trees

Westin Maui Hawaii

If you have the opportunity to travel to Maui I suggest you do so as it doesn’t disappoint.



I hope you enjoyed this post and my photos! Heres to the next adventure 🙂

Have a great week.



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