Interview: Alexandra O’Laughlin

The Alexandra O’Laughlin Interview Is Here!

Recently I did an interview with photographer Logan Rae Hill, so to continue with my segment of interviews, I decided to to an interview with model: Alexandra O’Laughlin.

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

Alexandra attended the same high school with me, and since graduating, she has done quite well for herself. She is quite the traveler! From Denver to Los Angeles and Chicago she is always on the go! Just take a look at her Instagram and you will see! She is such a wonderful person! She and I became fast friends, with our love of all things fashion in the insta-world!

  1. How old are you and where do you live?

I am 20 years old- soon to be 21! I always find it funny when people ask where I live. I use a Los Angeles address, a Colorado cell phone number, and I go to school in Chicago.

  1. Where do you go to school?

I attend Lewis University where I am studying TV production and play on the golf team. I am graduating a year early- so academia is coming to an end rather quickly.

  1. When did you start modeling?

I was in my first commercial when I was three and then started doing print work.

  1. Why did you start modeling?

I did modeling when I was younger because I always had so much fun on set with all of the other people. Even from a young age I liked meeting new people. Starting in second grade my Mom and I would go back and forth to LA so I could audition. These are definitely some of my best childhood memories.

  1. What has your favorite shoot been to date?

Tough question…I did a job for Fox where my PR person was on set with me. I’m not sure what she said, but I ended up getting to keep all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories (this is something that rarely happens). It felt like Christmas!

  1. Where do you see yourself as a model? What point do you want to get to in your career?

I think I am right where I want to be. I was hesitant about college at first because modeling is such a timely job, but I was able to get the best of both worlds and play golf, go to school, and also model. Getting to do all of these things has made me feel much more content- and without school I never would have discovered my love for being behind the camera. I will keep modeling, but I plan on having a long career in production after that.

  1. How would you describe your style?

LIPSTICK. I always wear it out because it brightens up any outfit. This is definitely a big part of my style because I can wear something relatively boring and it will change the look entirely.

A lot of my outfits range from being very chic and sophisticated, to bohemian, to sporty. Depends on how I am feeling that day and where I am going.

  1. What makes your style different from everyone else?

I love finding unique accessories to add to my outfits. I have a few bags that were handmade in Thailand that are arguably my favorite accessory. My closet holds a lot of statement shoes and jackets as well. My days can span from going to my internship, straight to an audition, to dinner with my friends. I try to pick an outfit that will work in all of those settings. I have a pair of heels and flats with me at all times. My motto is that anything I wear out should be classy enough to wear to dinner with my nana and papa.

  1. Can we see your closet??!!

Since I am at College right now I will show you my dorm setup. I keep my trendy clothes in LA, and the bulk of it stored in Colorado, but these are the pieces I wear on an everyday basis.
Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

  1. What is (or are) your most favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

My shoe collection as a whole is my pride and joy- but my Louboutins take the cake. I also like to invest in nice dresses to have on hand just in case of a last minute event. I really like hats as well- they can make a boring outfit pop, and also relieve stress if you are having a bad hair day;)

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

  1. Besides modeling, I know that you love to golf! When and how did you get into golfing?

I started in eighth grade. I wanted a sport I could play long-term as well as earn a college scholarship.  It was hard not getting to focus on basketball or soccer, but once I picked up a club for the first time all I wanted to do in high school was play golf every day! (Definitely got to skip many 6th periods to go practice).

  1. What is your favorite course(s) you have played?

My favorite courses are not necessarily my favorite because of the courses themselves, but usually due to how well I played there or how much fun I had with the people I was playing with! In terms of beauty though I would have to say Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand.

  1. What was it like being featured in time square and how was it seeing yourself on a billboard?

I never saw that particular billboard in person, but I get a bit giddy when I go to New York now and look at where it once was! That was definitely cool because what model doesn’t strive to have a billboard in Time Square at some point?

  1. How was it being featured in GQ?

It was certainly a nice surprise to see that!  A lot of times I don’t see the finished product.

Alexandra O'laughlin Interview

  1. What is your best piece of advice would you give to an aspiring model?

I don’t think modeling should necessarily be your whole life. If you let it become who you are then you will lose all the other unique aspects to you. I never consider my title to be a “model”. I have a lot of other hobbies outside of modeling like video editing, golf, painting, guitar, etc. These are the things that ground me. Modeling is an industry where rejection is very common- having these hobbies makes the rejection seem less relevant.

  1. What do you like most about the fashion industry?

FASHION IS ART! I think fashion is such a unique, creative outfit. When I flip through the pages of magazines and see bright, beautiful fabrics it inspires me. If I see something I really like or see something that connects with me it will inspire me to change up how my room is decorated, or I will wear an outfit accessorized in a completely different way than I could have imagined. The fashion industry can be a beautiful thing when you use it as a tool to push your own creative limits.

  1. Would you ever model for The Savoie Daily :)?

My favorite thing is working with people who are passionate about what they do, and I can tell that a lot of love and hard work goes into The Savoie Daily! I would love to:)


Thank you so much Alexandra for letting us do this interview! The Savoie Daily loves you! We hope you are having lots of fun in Europe!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Did you miss the last one? Check it out here!

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