Interview: Logan Rae Hill

My Interview With Photographer: Logan Rae Hill!

Hello friends,

I am starting a new segment where I interview people in the fashion industry, including: photographers, models, and designers.

To start of this first segment, I wanted to do an interview with Logan Rae Hill. She gladly agreed and I was very happy that she would!

Logan Rae Hill Photography

Logan is a photographer that has been doing extremely well for herself. She has started her own fashion and lifestyle photography business: Logan Rae Photography (visit her site here). She actually lived in Arvada, CO (where I’m from!), but now resides in Los Angeles and is having a great time and being successful! Now, lets keep this short and get into the reason we are here: The Interview!

1. Where do you attend school? What is your major? 

“Right now I’m attending school at Pierce College in LA, studying business marketing and I will be transferring to a university in a year, I haven’t decided where to go yet but I’m looking at CSUN, USC and UCLA.”

2. How did you get started in photography? 

“I got started with one of my friends in high school, we used to go out to Standley Lake and do photo shoots of each other for fun, and then as we kept doing that, I began to shoot more of my friends and my sisters and I fell in love with photography.”

3. What photography have you done?

“I have done senior portraits, engagement photos, family photos and right now I do a lot of fashion photography in LA, I will also be shooting my first wedding next year, so i’ve pretty much done it all!”

4. Specifically what in fashion photography have you done?

“In LA I work with a few modeling agencies and I do test shoots for the new faces in the agency to get their portfolio started, and I also shoot editorials for magazines, my work has been published in Elegant Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine and Photo Vogue.”

5. Why did you choose to live in LA? Was it more beneficial to you?

“I chose to live in LA because there really wasn’t anything for my in Colorado regarding photography and I couldn’t really grow my business the way I wanted to. I had talked to photographers in LA and got their opinion and they all said that either LA or New York is the best place to grow as a photographer doing fashion and head shots, and I really wanted to get more into fashion photography. So I decided to take the leap and move out and I don’t regret it at all, LA has been amazing to me, I have met so many awesome people and my business has grown so much in the several months I have been here.”

6. What was your favorite shoot you have done to date?

“I actually just shot an editorial for Elegant magazine for the May issue and the theme was color so I ordered smoke bombs, which are basically little balls that when you light them, color smoke comes out of them, so I incorporated them into the photo shoot and they turned out really good, and they are my new favorite “prop” to use.”

Yeah!! Look at this photo she took with the smoke bombs:

Logan Rae Hill Photography


Now I think we all wish we could have been the model in this shoot!

7. What do you like most about photography? How does it make you feel?

“I love that being a photographer, I can tell a story with just one photo and make people think about things or see things in a way that they normally wouldn’t. There is a lot more that goes into photography than people think, you don’t just pull out your iPhone and point and shoot, its all about lighting and subjects and getting that perfect shot where everything falls into place and it looks exactly like how you imagined it in your head. I love working with a team; models, make up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. Everyone puts effort into the photo shoot. When you work well with others and everyone is doing their part, the finished product is amazing. When I’m doing a photo shoot I get lost in the creativity of it all and it never feels like I’m working. I love feeling inspired and creating the plans that I have made in my head.”

8. What, as a photographer, do you have to offer, that others do not?

“I think because I’m still so young, I offer a new and fresh perspective on photography. Art is always changing and the digital age has really affected photography and the equipment you need. The retouching programs are so advanced nowadays. I love working with technology I think that it has really taken photography to the next level, but I also love the film side of photography. That is how I learned when I first started. I took the photography classes that were offered at Pomona High School and I learned with film and how to set apertures and F stops and how to work with lighting and develop in the dark room. A lot of photographers only know the digital side of photography, but I know both sides and not many young photographers do.”

You can tell that she knows what she is doing. Just take a look at some of her photos:

Logan Rae Hill Photography

Logan Rae Hill Photography

9. What is your aesthetic?

“My aesthetic would be to make people feel something when they look at my photos and have them see things in a different way than they normally would.”

10. What is fashion to you? How does it make you feel?

“To me, fashion is a way to express yourself, you can say so many things with fashion, it really expresses how you are feeling, whether you’ve had a bad day and your looking grungy or you put that extra effort in and people notice it. Fashion in photography is really important because it sets a mood in your photos and the color scheme and layers are all things to think about when styling a shoot.”

Logan Rae Hill Photography

(this is one of my favorite photos right now!)

11. Is there anything in particular that you look for when you are shooting?

“I look for great natural lighting, I don’t really like to use lights; I prefer to keep everything natural. I also look for the best angles that a model has. I keep everything very flattering! I’m always trying to fix everything while I’m shooting, whether its stray hairs, make up problems, or wardrobe malfunctions, I don’t like to leave everything got photoshop. I do do some retouching, but I like to keep it light and still natural. When I keep those things in mind, the photos turn out great!”

12.What piece of advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

“SOCIAL MEDIA IS KEY! I cannot express this enough, getting your name out there as a entry level photographer is so hard to do. Social media is a great and free way to do that. Facebook, Instagram, linked-in, and twitter are all social media platforms that I use when promoting myself and my photography. It really helps with getting your name and business out there. Also websites like Model Mayhem and Model Wire Network are both places I use to find models and make up artists when I don’t want to go through an agency and just want to do a fun experimental shoot.”

13.What are your plans for the future? 

“My plans for the future would just be to keep growing my business and networking with people and getting my name out there in the world as a photographer. Also, to keep doing what I love and pursing my dreams.”

14.Now, last question…Would you ever consider taking picture for us, here at The Savoie Daily? 🙂

“Of course I would love to collaborate with The Savoie Daily! The next time I am in Colorado we will have to get together and set something up!”


Well, I hope you all liked the interview! Also, a HUGE thank you to Logan for agreeing to be interviewed!


Let me know your thoughts on the post in the comment section below! Now don’t forget to visit Logan’s website (click here).

Have a great Friday!



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