John Galliano Is Back!

John Galliano Has Risen!!

Once in the graces of the fashion gods, then into the depths of hell, John Galliano is back as a new creative director for the house of Maison Martin Margela.
John Galliano showed his first couture show for Maison Martin Margela today in London to a select few, a hundred to be exact (Susie Bubble informed me). It seems as if Galliano seamlessly transitioned from the Maison of Dior to the Maison of Margiela. I think the fit is perfect and is well deserved. We need Gallliano Back in our lives, and I am sure we will be seeing great things to coming this year from him.

**SIDE NOTE: As I am writing this this post, it has come to my attention that Maison Martin Margiela has secretly (however not so secret to fashion editors) dropped its middle name thus making it: Masion Margiela. It is said that this change will be applied to the band as a whole and not just the Artisanal collection. This is probably due to the change of designer, so they are changing the name as well. If you think back to 2012, it is the same when Hedi Slimane changed the name of Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent. I am sure this is one of many changes to come, and I can’t wait to see them! Change is good people, change is good!

I will be referring to Masion Margiela now for the rest of this post.

All that talk aside, lets get down to the looks from the show.

Here are just some of my favorites. You can see the entire collection via


This black dress screams John Galliano. Well the whole collection does, but this one really looks like Galliano.

John-Galliano John-GallianoJohn-Galliano John-Galliano John-Galliano John-Galliano John-Galliano

I could see some actress wearing this red dress to an award show. Oscars? maybe?…Stay tuned.


I think this has to be the most amazing look from this collection! Just look at the detail. John Galliano really knows how to finish a show!


All photos via

Well there you go! Spectacular! I absolutely loved the show and can’t wait to see what the future holds for John Galliano at Masion Margiela (see I think the name change is good).

I hope you all enjoyed the presentation and I’ll keep you posted on anything Margiela or Galliano related!

Have a great day!




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