Kendall Still Looked Good Though…

So last night at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Kendall Jenner was presenting the debut of the new band from down under: 5 Seconds of Summer. As she was presenting them, she got a bit tongue tied and messed up what she was supposed to say! At one point she said “And now welcome one…” (I think she was going to say One Direction. whoops!) and then tried to laugh it off.
So this was not the best moment for her, and it surely does not help the already “famous for nothing” stereotyped family. However, now since this blog is about fashion, lets take a look at what she wore to last night’s awards:
Kendall Jenner
Photo via
Ok so here she has it together!
I love the top and the way it is cut! It gives a bit of an edge to the outfit. Those pants are very nice and they work well with the top. Her accessory game is on point as well with those shoes. Especially since they have a shine to them! I think she looked really good last night so I give that to her.
She may have had a teleprompter fail, but she did not fail with that outfit.
Maybe for now Kendall should stay on the red carpet and the runway, and not so much the stage!
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