Little Black Jacket

Little Black Jacket // Denver

Hi, friends! I hope your weeks and weekends have been treating you well.

We are almost done with February and I can’t even believe it! I am still trying to pick out my outfits to take with me to New York next weekend and I am having trouble trying to choose what to wear. Yet, I am sure I’ll find some great looks to share with you all while I am there.

little black jacket

Today, however, I wanted to share this week’s look with you. It’s something I like to call the “Little Black Jacket.” If there is a Little Black Dress for women, then men can have the Little Black Jacket.

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I found this jacket my freshman year when I was scoping out Cyber Monday sales online. It was on, which I must say has some wonderful pieces for men and women. The jacket was a black corduroy (almost velvet looking) texture that when looking at online was hard to see. Nevertheless, I took the chance on this piece and when it arrived I loved it but didn’t know exactly what to wear with it.

little black jacket

little black jacket

This piece sat in the back of my closet for a good 2 years until recently before I went on this shoot (literally 30 minutes before) I pulled it out and threw it on. I always enjoy having some spontaneity in my outfits as it forces you to try something you hadn’t ever thought of before. Yes, it may be a flop, but its the best feeling when it actually works. I must say, this outfit worked for sure.

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I chose to pair this little black jacket with a deep green sweater, my favorite Banana Republic jogger/dressy pants, and these single monk strapped shoes.

little black jacket

I had so much fun with this outfit, and you can never go wrong with a little black jacket.

Have a great weekend loves.



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