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Hello fashion friends!

I am pleased to share this post with you today, as I have been wanting to do this interview for quite some time. I never got to it as I was extremely busy. Once things slowed a bit, I was contacted by James D. Cao, a friend of mine who I met in the dorms freshman year. He wanted to know if I would be interested in interviewing Local Athletix for the blog. Of course I jumped on it, as this is such a great story of how a cult following started all from wanting to meet new people.

The other day, I sat down with the founders from Local Athletix. Some of you who attend CSU may know the clothing brand that I am talking about, and for those of you who don’t, well now you do. Local Athletix was founded by Trevor Beck and Zach Dreier. Having only been introduced less than a year ago, Local has gained quite the cult following. I my self have even been an avid follower. However, as co-founder Trevor Beck stated they would not be where they are today without the massive support from the “community” they have amassed.

Local Team

 Trevor Beck (left), Zach Dreier (right), James D. Cao (middle)

When Beck and Dreier transferred from different schools to Colorado State, they missed out on the “find your group” experience. Having felt a bit lost in the shuffle, the two decided to come up with an idea to meet more people. This was especially present within the gym setting as  they would see the same people everyday and never knew their names, and thus the idea of Local was born.

The first shirt ever created by the two was the “OG” shirt. This shirt was given away for free just so they could meet new people and get to know them better! How great is that?! A brand who’s main focus was to find a community and not a profit.

OG t-shirt

OG Tee

Local Shirt

Local Inverted Crop Top


Local Strength Leggings

I was extremely refreshing to talk with down to earth people. Local strives to become even more successful now that they are actually starting to make a profit off the brand, however the main focus will always be its community and friends they are amassing day-by-day.

Thank you Local for letting me interview the team! I can’t wait to see your new collection. Here’s to a new year and more success.

If you would like to learn more about Local Athletix and purchase their products, head over to their site and give them a follow on Instagram @localatheltix.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend!



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