My Favorite Miss USA Dress!

Last Night was the Miss USA Pageant and let me tell you! The evening gowns were fantastic!!
But my absolute favorite was Miss Georgia (Tiana Griggs) dress!
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Tiana came in as second runner-up in the Miss USA competition last night.
That dress is absolutely amazing!! I just love the way it puffs out at the bottom.
This was my favorite look of the night.
 Great Job Tiana!
P.S. as a little side note…Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez (now Miss USA) had two different dresses. Which I thought was interesting. There is probably a back story of why she changed her dress, but I just thought it was interesting.
Here was her look on preliminary night:
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Here was her look last night:
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Well I hope you all enjoyed what Miss USA had to offer!!
Now it is off to Miss Universe!
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