Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts

The Annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Has Arrived.

Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out a Christmas book that houses all the amazing gifts selected by NM for the up coming holiday season. Its crazy to think it comes out in October, as we haven’t even had Halloween let alone Thanksgiving yet. However, I guess you must do your christmas shopping early.

Naturally many of the items in the book are fabulous/glamorous items, but the best section is always the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts. This is the place to fantasize over the items (lets call them dreams) that many can’t afford and would only aspire to obtain. Along with their pricy tags, the dreams are things you never would have thought possible.

Lets go through a list of some incredible experiences:

  1. Luxe living at 3 English estates.

Neiman Marcus

You and your 7 closest friends are all invited to stay at 3 English estates. Only a small fortune of $700,000 will get you the story of a lifetime. “Oh why yes, I stayed at Blenheim last year.”

2. A Grammy Awards Experience

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts

Okay, I am extremely jealous of this one! Who wouldn’t want to go to the Grammys? For just $500,000 you can live like a star, stay in The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, shop for your outfit at NM Beverly Hills, and attend music’s most prestigious award ceremony. Can I start a go fund me page? Ha!


Neiman Marcus

Well, who wouldn’t want a plane? Let alone a plane in ROSE GOLD! This my friends is one of the fastest piston aircraft in the world with speeds up to 230 miles per hour. So take your friends along for a little trip in your $1,500,000 plane. Just your casual Wednesday.

4. Slumber Party At The Neiman Marcus Flagship

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts

All photos via Neiman Marcus

I think my dreams have come true. This is rather funny as I have always had thoughts about “what if I got trapped in a store for the night?” My version entails me taking some fabulous goods and getting away with it. However, this one is a bit more glamorous, in that you and your friends can have a slumber party in NEIMAN MARCUS! You will feast on fine gastronomy, and sip on some of the best wines and champagnes. I guess this price is more reasonable at $120,000, just make sure the 11 friends you bring all pitch in .

Another year, another list of dreams! Neiman Marcus sure knows luxury. Who knows, maybe one day we might be able to splurge, but after looking at those prices, I don’t feel bad about buying those shoes anymore. 🙂

To see the full list of fantasy gifts, click here!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Also take a peek at the rest of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, there are some good picks in there. I am already making my list.



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