Never Be Afraid Of A Little Rain!

Well today I played golf in some amazing warm weather, but soon the clouds came in and were threatening rain. Eventually the rain started to pour down later in the day (thankfully not on my golf game) and brought with it some great smelling air. Air that just smells so damn clean! I feel like the rain purifies the earth and gives us whole new air (thats probably not true, but in my imagination it does). Whenever I decide to go out in the rain…I feel like I must dress like it. In order to achieve this goal, I decided to sport: some faded jeans, an oxford with the collar and selves out, also a gorgeous cashmere sweater (P.S. I think cashmere and rain mix well together) and of course my blue oxford shoes.
To me these items go hand in hand when dressing to go out in the rain.
P.S. go smell the rain!
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