New nighttime ritual: Hand therapy!

Well it is a friday night and I’ve decided to treat my self to some hand therapy! I bought these amazing hand care products from this nice lady, on my trip to Arizona, at a store called Lather. Let me tell you, this stuff really has been saving my hands. I live in such a dry climate already so my hands get very chapped and ugly! This hand treatment soothes and restores hands to what they should be…Beautiful!! 
Part 1: This first product here is called the foaming scrub. This will help get off that dead skin and exfoliate the hands.
Step 1: Wet you hands
Step 2: Take the the brown stuff (the scrub. About a quarter size) then scrub all round your hands. This should start to foam up. Then wash off all the scrub.
Part 2: This product is the hand cream
Step 1: Take about a quarter size of the cream then rub it all over your hands.
Step 2: BAM! now you have beautiful nurtured hands!
Your body is important! Take care of it! If you do then you will look amazing!
The key to style is taking care of your body