New York Fashion Week Day 1

So let me update you on my life for a minute…

I have not blogged in about a month; school is back in session, and oh yeah I WENT TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

Pamella Roland Spring Summer 2018

I have been saving the blogging till this moment in time as I wanted to share my experience of New York Fashion Week with all of you. Some of you already know this, but I have been getting invites to fashion week for the past two years and could never attend due to school. However, this year was different as I was able to skip two days of school and attend shows that I have dreamed of going to forever.

I did not stay the whole week as I had to come back for school, but I got to experience the first half of NYFW. Now let me break down day one for you all!

On Wednesday, September 6th I had an invite to the Pamella Roland Spring/Summer 2018 collection. I flew out that day and arrived in New York at 1:30 pm. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I had to hit the ground running. I got my bag, hopped in a cab, and headed for the Hudson Hotel near Central Park. I ended up being able to check-in a little bit early and immediately changed when I got to my room.

I was only at the Hudson for a night, as my parents were coming in the next day and we switched hotels. I am pleased I only stayed there one night. To be honest, the Hudson is not such a great hotel. A lot of updating needs to be done, and it was just out of the way from where I needed to be. So word of advice, stay somewhere else.

That being said, I changed and got back in a cab and headed for Pier 59. For those of you who do not know, NYFW used to be held in one location but now has moved to many different places across the city. The two favorite spots for designers to show are Skylight and Clarkson and Pier 59. Pamella Roland happened to be at Pier 59.

I arrived at the show early, and on the way in, I passed by Olivia Culpo. Yeah, you know…Nick Jonas’ ex. She was getting glammed up for the slew of paparazzi that were standing at the entrance. I walked in front of her and then I heard “can you move we are waiting for Olivia!” I mean I guess it was not my moment to shine; however I had to strut in front of the paps to get into the show. Once inside she walked up the steps behind me, and I gave a stupid smile. She was not impressed. I mean what do you do when you see a celebrity?! I must say though by the end of fashion week I was a pro at saying hello to celebrities.

Pamella Roland Spring Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week

After my awkward celebrity run-in, I found my way to the standing row. I mean when you are a small blogger it’s usual to receive standing row tickets. However, it happened to be raining that day, and these two other bloggers and I decided to move down to the third row. Soon the room went quiet, the lights went up, and the music started. I must say, I am so honored to have seen Pamella Roland’s runway show as my first show ever. It was filled with magic, sparkle, and flowing chiffon. Bellow is a video of the show.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I know it was a mouthful, but y’all needed to know! My outfits I wore will be coming later this week. Stay tuned!

I also want to thank you all so much for supporting me in everything I do. You readers are the reason why I get to go to events like this. I love you all so much. Thank you for reading.


Jack Savoie

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