New York Part 2



Well, we made it through another week! I hope the week has been good to you guys. My week was off to a rough start. I lost my debit card on Sunday, had to block it on Monday, and my car alternator went out on Tuesday. $1200 later, my car is fixed (thank you, mom).

You could say it was a shitty start to the week, but that’s okay because my spring break has started and it is Friday, and I have a new post for you guys!!


This is part 2 of my adventure to New York. On the second day of being in NY, we went to a bunch of markets and showrooms. My favorite showroom of the day had to have been Organic by John Patrick.

The showroom itself was something out of a Devil Wears Prada type moment. It was chic, minimalistic, and set up with garment racks that held meticulously manicured samples of next season’s fall garb.

We picked out amazing pieces for fall, so you all should come into Rain, as you won’t want to miss the best that fall has to offer.

Now on to what I wore!!

New York

In this look, I wanted to do some major street style moments and Dane Isaac captured this moment perfectly. I mean who doesn’t want a picture import of New York’s infamous yellow cabs?

New York Part 2

I am still so in love with this Topman jacket that I got for Christmas last year! Now it is officially down to $50!!

Denver Blogger

New York

I paired this jacket with a turtleneck, also from Topman, and tucked it into the trusty Levis.

New York Part 2

Lastly, I threw on my Celine smoking slippers that I have worn to death. The calf hair is now starting to rub off the back, but I will still wear them till they completely fall apart. These shoes are so easy and make the foot look so classy. Celine, if you are reading this, please make another pair of these shoes just for me!!

Outfit of the day

I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I did wearing/shooting it.

Have a great week! To those of you on break, have a wonderful vacation.



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