Nighttime Fashion

Nighttime Fashion Around The Oval!

I am so sorry for my absence. School has been busy (yet again…), but enough of that!

What a school! I love CSU, but I especially love it at night time! To express this new found love, I decided to take photos of my nighttime fashion on campus.

It was a cold when I took these photos, but you know me and my winter wardrobe! In case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with fall/winter clothing. I will wear sweaters in the summer, thats how much I love fall/winter clothing. Now that you are all up to date, lets move on to the nighttime fashion.

night time fashion

My favorite place on campus is “The Oval”. This is the old part of the school that has the oldest buildings. For this nighttime fashion, I decided that instead of taking pictures outside around the building (minus the deans office, which was taken outside) it would be cool to go inside the buildings. Boy was this a fun time. Since these were taken so late at night, barely anyone was in the buildings. In this nighttime fashion, I am wearing: J.Crew Peacoat / Banana Republic Sweater (bought last year) / TopMan Shirt from Nordstrom (similar, but not exact) / “Matchbox AG Jeans” from Nordstrom (on SALE!!) / Façonnable Boots / Burberry watch / Giles and Brother Railroad Spike bracelet

night time fashion 2

night time fashion

night time fashion night time fashion

Okay, this picture is a bit creepy, but its awesome at the same time! night time fashion night time fashion

This door is in the attic of the stats building. It happens to be very little and is appropriately titled “Gnome Studies Department”. LOVE IT!night time fashion

So this Burberry Watch seems to be a reoccurring theme! Go check it out! You can purchase it from Nordstrom by clicking on the link!night time fashion

Look at my new Façonnable Boots!!! These are my favorite thing at the moment!! P.S. Façonnable is having a 60% off sale!! Go click the link and take a look. BUY these boots! you will not regret it. They are so comfortable and are fashionable in the snow!

night time fashion

Yes, I like to runaway from cameras. LOL! Actually this is a great picture! night time fashion

These are the steps to the Deans office. So official! I try to take pictures on these steps a lot. I just think they are so cool.

night time fashion

Jack has no face. Ha Ha! OHHH So mysterious!! night time fashion

Well I hope you enjoyed this nighttime fashion post! I thought this happened to be my best one yet! I had a ton of fun while shooting it! Please go check out the clothes from this shoot. Hopefully you find something that fits your fancy.

Stay tuned for a full post on the Façonnable boots!

Have a fantastic weekend.