Nighttime Playlist: The 60’s

The 60’s Feeling We All Need Once And Awhile

Before we go to bed, let’s all go and take a journey back to the 60’s and listen to some songs that I think we will all remember! If you forgot one, no worries! Have a listen and you will be right back on track.

These songs will be just the right thing your week was in desperate need of.

1. Respect – Aretha Franklin 1967

Everyone’s favorite karaoke ballad and stick it to the man anthem! You go Aretha!

2. Surfin USA- Beach Boys 1964

Summer time and nostalgia all in one song. Trust me, you will feel it! Major throwback to long days at the beach that didn’t end till the sun went down.

3. My Girl- The Temptations 1965

Try to listen to this and not smile, I dare you. This feel good classic will get you in good spirits for a peaceful night of sleep.

Did you smile? I know you did! Don’t lie. We all know you were!

4. These Boots are Made for Walking- Nancy Sinatra 1966

Tell him what you really think and strut around in those boots! You do you Nancy! Go get it girl!

5. California Dreamin’- The Mamas and the Papas

The ultimate 60’s group. With Mama Cass you can do no wrong!

Well I hope you enjoyed the Nighttime Playlist of this week!

See. I told you we all needed that 60’s revive in our lives! Now tomorrow, you will be ready to take on your day and not surrender until you have done what was needed to be done.

This week’s selections were picked by contributor: Colleen Boyd.



P.S. This is going to be a new thing for The Savoie Daily. A nighttime playlist every week! Colleen will be the official selector for the songs of the week.