October Instagram Roundup and Life Update

Instagram Roundup and Exciting News

Long time no talk!

Let me start by saying that I’ve missed y’all so much. Posting hasn’t been at its best as school work has consumed my life. However, I am happy to report that I am almost finished with my design collection! I will be posting all about that when I am finished after Thanksgiving break.

On top of all the school work, I have also been in search of an internship for next semester. For completion of my degree, it is required that we get a 12 full-time internship somewhere. After applying like a mad person and doing interviews, I am happy to announce that I have landed an internship with Proenza Schouler!!

Now in a matter of two months, my life will change, and I will be living in New York! Talk about stressed. So if any of you in NY need a roommate or know of a place to live, let me know.

All that fun news aside, I wanted to give you some fall fashion I have been sporting on my Instagram!


Here I am wearing my new H&M coat that I have been so obsessed with this fall season. It instantly elevates any outfit!

Man in an HM coat


This was taken a right before class and is a casual school look. Let’s just say that it was cold and mules were not a smart choice, but its FASHION.

Picture of a man in Gucci Shoes


I wanted to take some fall pics on campus as the trees are so beautiful during this time. Also, I am wearing this fantastic Target sweater that matched the leaves.

image of Target Goodfellow


I am so obsessed with fast food especially Culver’s. Obviously, I was looking cute and had to take a pic. But let’s be honest I look like a floating head.

Image of Culver's food


Shoutout to mom for this picture! I’ve taught her well. Also, I love throwing a blazer over a fall look; it just looks polished and clean.

image of guy in fall leaves


Finally, we have Jack…the pumpkin king. Get it? This is what I wore on Halloween day, but then later changed to get a little trashy at the bars.

Image of orange pumpkin

Well, thank y’all for reading, listening, and continuing to support me! Here’s to the next adventures.