OOTD: DIY shirt!

OOTD: Including My DIY Shirt

I recently made a DIY (go check it out here) with my friend Madeline! Though it is not the most appropriate of a shirt, it was supper fun to make and also made a perfect OOTD!


DIY Shirt

Yes you saw right, the shirt says “Fuck Off”. This is a shirt that I will not be wearing around professors! ha!

For today’s OOTD, I wanted to keep my outfit simple, and make it stand out with details i.e. the “Fuck Off”. Not only was the shirt a standout, so were my NEW SHOES!!


Yes, I am now officially on the Birkenstock train! These are my favorite shoes right now! They are so comfortable. Mine are a little unique. They are all back suede with black buckles! You can purchase your own here.


I hope you enjoyed this OOTD! Also go check out The Savoie Daily’s Birthday Blog Post!!!

Enjoy the day!