Outfit Of The Day

Okay so this “Daily” thing is being slacked upon. I was going to keep up with it, but alas, I had orientation for college!! ahhhh!! It was so exciting!! So I am sorry about the absence
Anyways, on to the “Daily”….

I decided to do an “Outfit Of The Day” or an “OOTD”, as those young kids are calling it. I want to stay hip with the youngsters of today.

Okay. So the OOTD! Right!
Today I decided to wear my clothing articles that I picked up in Ireland!! The first piece is the sweater (of course) from AllSaints! (P.S. it is now on sale!) It is a loose knit sweater that keeps you warm, but it can also cool you down when air blows though the knit (BEST FEELING EVER!)
The next piece is the button down shirt. This article is also from AllSaints. I was a bit apprehensive
when I bought it because of the sleeve length (the sleeves stop at the elbow), but my mom conviced me to try it, and it turned out to be a great purchase. Thanks mom!
Now the last piece was not purchased in Ireland, but instead it was purchased here at the J. Crew factory outlet!This piece would have to be the shorts! When I saw them I thought “no way! I can’t wear that color.”, but then the other jack inside of me (yes I have conversations with my self. Don’t judge) said “Shut your damn mouth! You can so wear those!”. So I bought them. So far I have noticed they are great for summer and they go with almost anything! I feel that these pastel colors are great for summer and they are meant to go with most summer outfits. I would recommend getting a great pair of summer shorts because you will need them!!
I hope this was an enjoyable OOTD for all of you! And I promise to keep up with the blog!
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