Pottery Barn Teen Gift Ideas

Pottery Barn Teen Gift Ideas // Holiday Gift Guide

I have been a fan of anything Pottery Barn for quite some time now, so when I was contacted by Pottery Barn Teen to do a holiday-inspired post I couldn’t resist!

Gifts under the tree

College is a time in our lives when were are either still in our dorms or are getting our first apartments or houses. Needless to say, we need the best furniture and accessories to make space feel like our own.

I will break down my top picks for the holiday season that are a must for any college student. Now as I started writing this, I realized that each of these items is currently on sale! So it is the perfect time to get them for the holidays.



Trailblazer Glove Swivel Chair

Trailblazer Glove Swivel Chair

1.  A desk chair is the most important. It has to be super comfortable, and this Trailblazer Glove Swivel Chair is just that! I love the deep brown color and the baseball glove shape. I could spend all day reading in this chair!

Currently on my reading list: Call Me By Your Name. 

Paddie Task Lamp

2. Next is this beautiful brushed nickel desk lamp that is super helpful for those late nights of studying, but is also aesthetically pleasing on a table and brightens up a room.

Classic Wooden Phone Holder

3. Desk accessories are a must, and this wooden phone/pencil holder is a perfect place to set my phone when I am studying or listening to music. This stand also has a built-in hole for a charger!

Pinboard Framed Calendar, Northfield Charcoal

4. I am a busy student these days with homework, social activities, and blog work so this dry-erase calendar makes it perfect to map out my month ahead, that way, I don’t forget anything important. It is never fun when you miss an assignment, let me tell you! This board also allows you to pin pictures or relevant notes to the borders of it!

Cork Base Table Lamp

5. I am obsessing over this cork base lamp which I think it unique and brings a fun texture to a room! Being that the base is cork, it can also allow for pictures to be pinned on it.

Tunes To-Go Bluetooth® Speaker

6. This speaker is by far my favorite gift! I am a music lover, and this speaker allows for me to fill my room with fun and enjoyment. Let’s just say I dance around my room a little too much.

Currently on my playlist: Run for Cover by The Killers.

Paddie Task Lamp



I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide! And thank you to Pottery Barn Teen for sending me these fantastic gifts. If any of you have any questions regarding these gifts I would be happy to explain them further. Comment down below for questions!

Have a happy Sunday!



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This post was created in partnership with Pottery Barn Teen. However, my thoughts and opinions on each product remain my own.