Ralph Lauren Loafer

Shoe of the moment: Ralph Lauren Loafer

Ralph Lauren is known for many things, but my personal favorite item from the luxury giant is the shoes!! I think they are the best men’s shoe.
When you buy a Ralph Lauren shoe, you will never regret it. I have bought many pairs (pairs that I still have) that have lasted so long, and still look so good.
A shoe that I recently bought was a Ralph Lauren loafer! More specifically it was the Herringbone Edric Loafer! I had a very “Hello, Lover” moment when I saw them.

Ralph Lauren loafer 3

These were the perfect shoes to wear out for the night. I think they can compliment almost any outfit.

Ralph Lauren Loafer 2 Ralph Lauren Loafer 2

For Valentines day, I went out to dinner and thought this Ralph Lauren loafer would be perfect. This shoe did not disappoint! I feel like this is a shoe that would be worn in a smoking lounge. They are sophisticated and work well with anything (maybe a Burberry Watch perhaps…) . When you walk down the street, you’ll get a compliment or two (trust me! It happened).

You will give people some serious shoe envy.

Now go buy a pair!

Happy Shoe shopping!

Let me know what your favorite shoes are in the comment section below!