Report!: Dior And Céline Stores Robbed In Paris!

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So I guess that thieves are not afraid of the big fancy stores. This past week the Dior and Céline stores in Paris were both robbed!! Dior’s flagship store on Avenue Montaigne in paris, was robbed on Wednesday morning. The thieves took off with about $110,000 in merchandise! Céline on Rue François 1er, was robbed on Thursday morning just before it opened. The employees were threatened with guns and the thieves took off with about $70,000 in merchandise!
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Recently high-end robberies have been on the rise. Just last week Tiffany in New York was robbed and Chanel in Houston was too! I guess robbers want to go for the big brand names.
It is amazing that people have the guts to rob stores like these (most of which have guards), I mean I get nervous walking outside the Tiffany store!
Well hopefully these robberies stop soon because this is too much!
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