School Again

A Fresh Start

Well, the break has ended and the second semester has begun. It is time for school again! This semester, I am changing up my style. I figure it is a new start. I want to envision new ways of wearing what I already own.

I love purchasing new items, but realistically, you have to mix and match what you already own, as shopping is an expensive habit. I ain’t no Kardashian who can just blow money left and right. I do believe, however, that one new item every once and a while is okay. The item has to be a piece you know you will have for a long time that can be worn over and over.

School again

Jacket: Peter Millar // Cardigan: J.CREW (on sale) // Shirt: Billy Ried // Pants: Banana Republic // Shoes: Cole Haan // Bag: M0851 // Watch: Shinola (simliar) // Silver Bracelet: Melissa Joy Manning

School time

My love for Fort Collins grows more every year that I am here! It is the perfect place for school, living, and even taking pictures :). Lets make this a semester to remember!

School time

As I said before, a new item is okay every once and a while. So I recently picked up this Peter Millar jacket. I have never had a quilted jacket. I have wanted one, but could never find one for me. When I saw this jacket, it seemed to be the one for me. My dad was the first person who introduced me to Peter Millar. I never understood his obsession with it, until I started looking at the pieces for my self. I can now say that I am going to be a returning Peter Millar customer! P.S., the jacket is water proof!

up close

Thanks again to Rain Boutique for supplying me with these awesome accessories!

Street Style

Jacket: Peter Millar // Cardigan: J.CREW (on sale) // Shirt: Billy Ried // Pants: Banana Republic // Shoes: Cole Haan // Bag: M0851 // Watch: Shinola (simliar) // Silver Bracelet: Melissa Joy Manning

I hope you all enjoyed this “School Again” outfit! Sorry for the delay on the post, as I have come down with a head cold that has put me to bed extremely early these past few days.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!



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