Secret to an amazing style…Never pay retail prices!

Most of my wardrobe has been accumulated through sales. I hate that moment when you pay $100 for a shirt and then the next week it is $70! Not fair!! Who cares if it is last season clothing (besides Anna Wintour), clothes are clothes. You can always make something look good even if it was a last season piece. The best time to sale shop is not when the sales first start, but when the sales are coming to an end. Prices are slashed and slashed! These sales happen towards the end of the summer and winter. Yes you do take the risk of a piece that you want being gone, but I think it is a good risk to take. Probably the best thing I ever got on sale was this Burberry coat:
 Originally: $995 on sale for $300!!!!!!!
Sales are what make up my wardrobe and I encourage you to shop sales too!
Happy sale shopping!